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    Employment Opportunities

    The Dewey Electronics Corporation is located in northern New Jersey and is a defense electronics design manufacturer.

    If you are looking for an interesting, diversified, fast-paced, small company and have the required background, send your resume and salary requirements as shown below.

    To apply, submit a resume or fill in the application and fax to 201-337-3976,or e-mail to dewey@deweyelectronics.com.

    Download the Application for Employment form (PDF).

    Job Openings:


    Are you excited by the opportunity to have your work head quickly to the battlefield?  A place where as an electrical engineer, you can play a critical role in creating, prototyping, and designing for manufacture?  Do you like designing reliable and robust micro-controller applications and the electronic part of electro-mechanical devices?  Devices and applications that need to work the first time and for an end user operating in the harshest conditions?  Are you excited by an environment where the factory is right by your side and will rapidly manufacture and field what you design?  Are you good at debugging complicated problems in the factory or for the end customer?

    Dewey Electronics is a 30-person company focused on engineering and manufacturing the very best man-portable diesel engine and battery based power systems for military applications.  Our systems operate in the harshest conditions around the globe.  We are looking for Electrical Engineering talent that can be a part of a world class and small team.  We are looking for talented engineers, full-time or part-time, consulting, and staff.  Are you interested?  If so, send us an e-mail describing some of your favorite or most interesting designs and solutions to challenging or critical applications.  If you know someone, please pass this on.

    There are no additional job openings at this time.  However, if you submit your resume or complete our application form, we will be happy to review it for potential future openings.