GSA Contract


About the Generator

Dewey Electronics has sold nearly 19,000 of our 2kW AC (MEP-531A) and DC (MEP-501A) heavy fuel generators under prime contract to Program Manager-Mobile Electric Power (PM-MEP). Dewey is proud to now offer GSA contracted 2kW generators under the GSA Advantage Contract Number GS-07F-214BA.

These military tactical generators are the only diesel powered truly man-portable generators that meet full military requirements. In addition, the Government has developed a technical manual – electronic version available here - and spare parts are available through DLA.

The generators were developed for the Department of Defense, PM – Mobile Electric Power, and for 20 years have been used by the DoD and foreign militaries for demanding applications from the battlefield to the arctic, and to the desert.  Dewey Electronics has a long history of providing best in class integration support for demanding applications and environments as well as rapid customization when necessary.  These generators are easily maintained in the field, and because of their simplicity, are highly dependable and quickly repaired. 

They use the smallest commercially available diesel engine which Dewey uses under an EPA waiver for national defense applications only. 

For product specifications visit the 2kW Military Tactical Generators page.

GSA Advantage Specifics

The standard color for 2kW generators sold on GSA Advantage is green. These units are also available in tan. Please contact us for more information.

Dewey Electronics offers both a 2kW AC (MEP-531A) and 2kW DC (MEP-501A) generator. On the GSA Advantage website each of these generators is listed four times, the only difference between them being lead time. For orders requiring expedited 10-day or 30-day delivery, the units include the 20-hour run-in and service performed in our factory in accordance with the technical manual.

Visit our GSA Advantage page for more details.