Legacy Products

Legacy products are provided under the name of The Pitometer Log Division (Pitlog).

A leader in ship speed and distance measurement since 1927, the Pitometer Log Division was acquired in 1962. The original product, the pitot tube log, has long since given way to the current electromagnetic (EM) log, which is currently being supplied by The Dewey Electronics Corporation-Pitometer Log Division to the U.S. Navy and several foreign navies. A wide variety of other products have appeared under the name Pitometer Log Division. Learn more >

Dewey also acquired the Avion Electronics Corporation which was engaged in the design and manufacture of radar and microwave systems.

Acquired in 1971, HEDCO provides a complete line of portable and mobile snowmaking machinery worldwide. HEDCO snowmakers can be found in approximately 500 ski areas in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Our worldwide market includes installations in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Norway, Japan, Russia, Korea, Yugoslavia, Australia, and Canada. We are particularly proud that HEDCO was chosen as the official supplier of snowmaking equipment for multiple Winter Olympics.
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