2kW Military Tactical Generators




Pictured Left: 2kW 120V AC MTG P/N 95-531, Pictured Right: 2kW 28V DC MTG P/N 95-501

Since 1996 Dewey Electronics has been manufacturing and supplying the standard 2kW Military Tactical Generator to the US Department of Defense’s PM-Mobile Electric Power (PM-MEP). We have fielded over 17,000 MTGs in this open frame configuration.

Used by the tri-services (U.S. Army, U.S. Navy/U.S.M.C., and U.S. Air Force), it is supported with a full logistic package in the DoD inventory.

Our heavy fuel generators operate on diesel fuels and military fuels (JP-8) and meet all the requirements of Purchase Description PD 6115-0111, dated 1 February 2001.

These compact, portable, highly reliable, lightweight units are available with either 120V AC or 28V DC output and have established themselves as the mainstay of portable power for military applications worldwide. Their open frame configuration allows them to be easily lifted, stacked, or transported by any military vehicle. This open configuration contributes to the ease of maintenance for which these units are noted.

Equipped with a manual recoil starter and the ability to be electrically started from their NATO Slave Connector, these units are used throughout the military where pure military power is a requirement or when portability is a necessity. Now these units are available directly from Dewey Electronics.

The open frame configuration is available as follows:

Power Output Dewey Model PM-MEP Model NSN P/N
28V DC -501A MEP95-501A 6115-01-435-1567 95-501
120V 60Hz -531A MEP95-531A 6115-01-435-1565 95-531

Environmental Specification Summary

Requirement Mil-Std- MEP-501A MEP-531A
High Temperature – Operation (Derated Power 1.9kW) 705, TM 710.1 49°C/120°F 49°C/120°F
Cold Temperature – Starting & Operating 705, TM 701.1 -40°C/-40°F -40°C/-40°F
705, TM 701.2 -25°C/-13°F -25°C/-13°F
705, TM 701.4 -5°C/+23°F -5°C/+23°F
Altitude (Full Rated Power 2kW) 705, TM 720.1 1219 m @ 35°C 4000 ft @ 95°F 1219 m @ 35°C 4000 ft @ 95°F
Altitude (Derated Power 1.6kW) 705, TM 720.1 2438 m @ 35°C 8000 ft @ 95°F 2438 m @ 35°C 8000 ft @ 95°F
Humidity 705, TM 711.1 0-100% 0-100%
Ice Glaze and Wind (tailored) (1.3 mm/0.5 inch) Ice glaze start & run one hour Temperature: Wind Speed: -23 to 0°C/-10 to 32°F 22.5 m/s (73 ft/s) -23 to 0°C/-10 to 32°F 22.5 m/s (73 ft/s)
Rain (tailored) 100 mm (3.9 in/hr) 30 min/side with wind speed 18m/s (40 mph) 3 hours exposure last hour operational per Mil-Std-705,TM 608.1 3 hours exposure last hour operational per Mil-Std-705, TM 608.1
Road (tailored) Truck or Trailer Transportation Road Course: Distance: Speed:
Paved Highway 250 miles/402 km 50mph/80 km/hr
Perryman 1 250 miles/402 km 20 mph/32 km/hr
Churchville B 125 miles/201 km 20 mph/32 km/hr
Belgian Block 15 miles/24 km 20 mph/32 km/hr
Salt Fog (tailored –two 48 hour cycles) 35°C/95°F 5% solution 5% solution
Sand and Dust (tailored 1.4 grams/m3 33.2 km/hr) Four 90 minute exposures Operate last 10 minutes each exposure Operate last 10 minutes each exposure
Solar Radiation (tailored) One 24 hour cycle 355 BTU/ft2 355 BTU/ft2
Electromagnetic Interference Tailored    
Conducted Emissions (Power Leads) 15 kHz to 2 MHz 78/log(75/104)xlog(f/2)+60 dBµA/MHz 78/log(75/104)xlog(f/2)+60 dBµA/MHz
2 MHz to 50 MHz Waived 60 dBµA/MHz
Broadband Radiated Emissions 14 kHz to 25 MHz 25/log(56/105)x(log(f/25)+100 dBµV/MHz 25/log(56/105)x(log(f/25)+100 dBµV/MHz
25 MHz to 80 MHz 30/log(3125/104)xlog(f/25)+100 dBµV/MHz 30/log(3125/104)xlog(f/25)+100 dBµV/MHz
80 MHz to 1 GHz 70 dBµV/MHz 70 dBµV/MHz
Radiated E-field 2 to 400 MHz 10 V/m 10 V/m
400 MHz to 10 GHz 5 V/m 5 V/m

Physical Characteristics

Description MEP-501A MEP-531A
Size 29.5 inches X 16.0 inches X 21.7 inches 29.5 inches X 16.0 inches X 21.7 inches
Weight 140 lb with 4 hours of fuel 152 lb with 4 hours of fuel
Instrument Gages Analog Voltmeter Analog Voltmeter
Analog Load Meter Analog Load Meter
  Analog Frequency Meter
Engine Hour Meter Electro-mechanical Digital Electro-mechanical Digital
Circuit Breaker 28V @ 82 Amps 120V @ 20 Amps
Connectors NATO SLAVE Receptacle NATO SLAVE Receptacle
Terminals Split Lug Load Terminals ( +/-) Split Lug Load Terminals (L/N)
Receptacle   GFCI Duplex 15 Amp

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