About Us

The Dewey Electronics Corporation is a publicly held small business based in Oakland, New Jersey, Bergen County, on the edge of the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Area. Our common stock is traded Over-The-Counter (Symbol, DEWY).

About Us

The Company was founded in 1955 as a systems - oriented research and development organization that designed and built electronic and electro-mechanical systems for use by the U.S. Navy and Air Force.

Throughout the years, the Company has made acquisitions to grow and diversify. In 1962 the Company acquired the Pitometer Log Corporation, a company which designed and built measurement equipment used onboard naval vessels. In 1969, Dewey acquired the Avion Electronics Corporation which was engaged in the design and manufacturing of radar and microwave systems.

The Company’s current mix of business reflects its history as a research and development organization, as well as 40 years of manufacturing military systems. The Company has been involved in ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) contracts for the Naval Sea Systems Command and with the U.S. Army through a contract to supply Diesel Operated Military Tactical Generator sets.

Currently we are designing, manufacturing, and integrating power generation, power distribution, power management, and energy storage components for mobile platforms and hybrid military systems for use in austere military environments. Our research and development includes advanced control systems for generators, battery monitoring/charging, fuel cells, and fuel reformers.

Our vision is to provide the best designed and built power and energy systems for the battlefield environment, where we believe that the simplest tool is the most reliable and often the best.