Contract Machining

Our CNC machine shop has the technology and expertise to address today’s complex and demanding prototyping and production manufacturing requirements for both military and commercial applications.



  • Large capacity turning and milling
  • Forgings
  • Castings
  • Weldments
  • Creative workholding solutions
  • Custom tooling

We are experienced in the machining of unique and hard-to-machine materials such as nickel-aluminum-bronze alloy, plastic composites, and monel. Applications range from production quantities with undersea use to one-of-a-kind parts that are used in outer space. Our machined products have been used in some of the following extreme applications:

  • Hypersonic shock tunnel nozzle (100” length multi-processes & operations)
  • MK 48 & MK 94 Torpedo System (21” diameter thin walled parts with 0.005 roundness requirements)
  • Mars Explorer drill bit
  • Sea valves and hull fittings for surface ships and submarines

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