Control Systems

Dewey has developed controls for large scale applications such as mountain-wide snowmaking systems that operate in severe winter weather. Miniaturized controls for fuel cell reformers operating in high temperature environments have been developed by our engineers. Microcontroller based systems for military applications are our specialty.


We develop our generator controllers, including our most recent fully digital controller, that incorporate our key features such as:

  • Auto Start
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Battery Charging
  • Remote Monitoring and Controlling
  • Data Logging and Diagnostics

Our engineers continually design and develop control system improvements that enable Dewey products to provide the robust, yet simple, control systems that perform in the harshest environments found on the battlefield of today. Dewey controls power generation systems, fuel reformers and fuel cells, power converters, hybrid power systems, and internal test equipment.

Dewey has over 30 years of control system design and development for military applications. These systems perform in the harshest of environments. Our engineering team has experience in analog systems from the past and digital control systems for the present.

Analog Control Systems

  • Analog Computers ( Navy Speed and Distance Indicator)
  • MEP-501A and MEP-531A Generator Controllers
  • Mk 48 Battery Charging Modules

Digital Control Systems

  • Generator Micro-Controllers
  • Battery Monitoring and Charging Systems
  • Fuel Cell Reformer Control Systems
  • Microgrid Controllers

We provide controls for power systems featuring:

  • Inverters
  • Power Converters
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Permanent Magnetic Generators
  • Current Limiting Power Regulators
  • Variable Frequency Motor Controllers

Our systems also feature remote control capabilities such as:

  • Remote control boxes for generator control
  • Remote controls for vehicle auxiliary power units
  • Data Bus outputs such as RS-323, CAN, Mod Bus, IP protocol, etc.