Custom Solutions

Dewey Electronics strives to develop the optimum solution to our customers' needs. We don't "force fit" a catalog item solution when a custom approach is needed.

Custom-Designed Generators

Custom-designed generators are available from Dewey Electronics. We custom-design open frame or enclosed units that meet your sound level and mounting requirements and provide the power interface to your system that enhances its performance. You can select from a number of existing enclosures that can be made available, or you can request modifications to these enclosures. We can also provide a completely customized enclosure for your specific application.

Our engineering team will work with you to provide the exact enclosure that meets your specific needs. We review the mechanical, serviceability, maintainability, system, environmental, and electrical requirements with you to be sure that the enclosed MTG will perform as expected.

Our units have been trailer mounted, vehicle mounted, and ground mounted in all possible environmental conditions. These units charge battery systems, pump fuel from remote fuel tanks, are airlifted into desert environments, and operate in extreme cold and heat to support military, border security, transportation, and government programs worldwide.

Enclosed 2kW Generator

Enclosed 2kW Generator

This enclosure was designed to house our current limiting battery charging 2kW 28V DC generator. Its unique design limits sound and keeps the air-cooled engine operating in high ambient temperatures and extreme sandy and dusty environments. The unit is designed to mount on trailers for off-road applications. Electrically the generator features auto start/stop controls, battery management technologies, and remote control capabilities.

Enclosed 2kW 28V DC Generator features:

  • Auto start and stop controls
  • Battery monitoring and charging
  • Current limiting output
  • Electrical fuel pump with 72-inch lift
  • Data bus interface for remote monitoring and control
  • Simple one-switch operation
  • Electrical starting off system battery
  • Hybrid operation to reduce fuel consumption
  • Capable of interfacing with renewable energy sources such as solar or wind
  • Interfaces with multiple battery chemistries

Custom-Designed APU

Custom Designed APU

Dewey Electronics Corporation designs and encloses custom APUs for various uses. The pictured APU is a 3000W, 28V DC unit custom-designed and manufactured by Dewey Electronics. This APU was designed to operate in silent watch or to charge the vehicle batteries.

3kW 28V DC EAPU Features

  • Direct replacement (mechanically and electrically) for the M1A1 APU
  • Enclosure small arms fire resistant
  • Mounts and operates in high shock environment
  • High reliability
  • Ease of maintenance

EAPU Installed On M1A1

Custom-Designed Open Frame Skid Mounted Generators

Custom Skid Mounted

Custom applications require changes to our standard 2kW generator. In one case our customer needed the generator to be mounted on a skid and electrically started from its own battery pack. This custom design included an upgrade to a more powerful engine and needed to be provided on an accelerated schedule.

Custom Skid Mounted

Another customer required that the standard 2kW generator be electrically started from a battery pack that would be skid mounted. Dewey’s engineering team designed a battery skid that would allow the standard 2kW to be stacked above the battery skid. The generator would charge the batteries and provide power for the user’s application.