Hybrid Power Generation Systems

Hybrid generators save users fossil fuel (30%-90%), reduce maintenance cycles from 50% to 87%, and extend the system life by as much as 400%.

Designed for the specific application of battery charging, these generators are available in a number of configurations and power ranges. All are based upon the 2kW Military Tactical Generator heritage but have added features and capabilities that enhance battery charging and battery life for the end user.

Battery Charging Auxiliary Power Unit (BAPU)

This open frame, heavy fuel generator set provides a full 3kW military rated 28V DC power supply over the temperature range of -35° F to 130° F and is suitable for use to charge batteries under extreme temperatures. The unit has a local control panel that provides voltage and current displays, a current limiting voltage regulator, and a self-bleeding fuel system for vehicle or remote fuel tank interconnections. Based on our 2kW military heritage, this unit provides a simple power source that is lightweight yet highly reliable and easy to maintain. This unit is designed to be mounted on the ground or can be vehicle mounted with mounting feet adapters. Optional equipment such as the enhanced air filter system allows the BAPU to operate in extreme sandy and dusty environments. A remote control panel can also be cabled to the unit for monitoring and control of the BAPU from over 30 feet away.

This basic design can be configured to provide additional power levels such as:

  • 3.5kW of current limited 28V DC at 70°F, derated power output to 130°F
  • 4.5kW of current limited 28V DC at 70°F, derated power output to 130°F

BAPU3.5kW 28V DC Battery Charging Auxiliary Power Unit (BAPU) Dewey Part Number 70107-501

Power Output @ 95 °F Current Limiting Dewey Part Number
3.5kW 28V DC Voltage Regulator 70107-501
4.5kW 28V DC Alternator 100970-501

BAPU Features:

  • Charges multiple battery chemistries
  • Electric fuel pump with 72-inch lift
  • Electric start from customer battery
  • Meets Mil-Std-810 Sand and Dust
  • Remote control via optional control box
  • Simple one-switch operation

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Hybrid Power Generation System


Dewey’s Hybrid Power Generation System consists of a 4.5kW 28V DC diesel generator, battery storage, and DC/AC inverter. This system features the Dewey developed auto start generator controller that monitors battery capacity and provides a current limited battery charging feature that allows the generator to charge lead acid, AGM, Li Ion, or any battery chemistry combination. This system also allows for the integration of solar or wind 28V DC sources to supplement the generator and reduces fossil fuel consumption significantly when compared to standard generators of equal size. This system can replace standard fossil fueled 5kW and 10kW generators and support peak power loads to 12kW for short periods of time. The modularity and scalability of these components allow the users to build a system that meets the power demands and reduces fossil fuel use.

System Features:

  • System composition
    • Fossil fuel DC generator
    • Batteries for energy storage
    • Inverters for AC power
  • Inputs for renewable, alternative energy such as:
    • Wind
    • Solar
  • System configuration
    • Transit cases
    • Trailer mounted
    • ISO container
  • Reduces fossil fuel use by 30% before system optimization with alternative energy sources
  • Scalable to the system’s power needs

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2kW Enclosed Hybrid Generator


P/N: 100950-501 This enclosed hybrid unit houses our current limiting battery charging 2kW generator. Its unique design limits sound, keeps the air-cooled engine operating in high ambient temperatures and extreme sandy and dusty environments, and mounts on trailers for off-road applications. Electrically the generator features auto start/stop controls, battery management technologies, and remote control capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Auto start & shut down controls
  • Battery monitoring and charging
  • Digital generator controller
  • Electric self-bleeding fuel pump
  • Enhanced air filtering system
  • Low fuel usage
  • Power output 2kW (less housekeeping)
  • Remote control and monitoring via industry standard data bus
  • Status of system battery
  • Trailer mounted

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