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    For Customers of Goodman Ball

    February 19, 2013

    To Our Valued Customers:

    Dewey Electronics is pleased to announce the purchase of a number of assets, intellectual property, and the rights to manufacture various power generation and other product lines of Goodman Ball Incorporated (GBI).  Please note that not all of GBI's product lines were purchased by Dewey.  The purchased operations are being relocated to Oakland, NJ, where they will be combined with Dewey's existing production and engineering facilities.  Dewey is now offering the purchased GBI product lines to former GBI customers and new customers. We will be manufacturing these GBI products with the same excellent quality that goes into all of our Dewey products. Dewey is proud to be offering new systems, spare parts, and services that were originally offered by GBI.

    These product lines will be manufactured and marketed by Dewey.  As you may be aware, GBI announced in August of 2012 that it would be ceasing operations. Since November both parties have been working toward finalizing this purchase. During this period GBI has continued to process most requests for quotes and delivery orders as they have received them. In some cases the response has been delayed as elements of the purchase were worked out.  Your patience is appreciated.

    In the future, the focus will be to streamline the quoting process and provide the same quality components and products at competitive prices.  During the transition of Government contracts to Dewey, some may remain under GBI's name while new business will be developed under Dewey’s name.  Regardless, Dewey will be fulfilling orders and responding to new inquiries.  We would like to thank all of you for your patience during this transition period, and we look forward to serving you.

    If you have any questions during the transition, please contact me directly at 201-337-4700 x101.

    John Dewey, President and C.E.O.

    The Dewey Electronics Corporation


    27 Muller RoadOakland, NJ 07436  

    Tel: 201-337-4700

    Please contact us at sales@deweyelectronics.com

    Letter to Goodman Ball Customers PDF