Man-Portable Generators

Portable generators are units designed  to be lifted into place by hand without the aid of machine power. They are typically configured in an open frame to allow easy access to lift points.


Open Frame Current Limiting 2k Generator


This open frame, heavy fuel generator set provides a full 2.0 kW military rated 28V DC power supply over the temperature range of -35° F to 95° F and is suitable for use to charge batteries. The generator control box provides voltage and current meters and an engine hour meter to monitor generator performance. The set is also equipped with a current limiting voltage regulator and NATO Slave Adapter for electric starting from either a vehicle or 24V battery pack. This unit allows the user to charge deep discharged batteries with a small powered generator and still maintain the useful life of the battery. Our current limiting regulator can be tailored for AGM, Li-Ion, and other battery chemistries. Based on our 2kW military heritage, this unit provides a simple power source that is lightweight yet highly reliable and easy to maintain.

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This generator can be factory equipped with the following optional features:

  • Auto start and stop based on pre-set conditions
  • Battery monitoring (energy storage system)
  • Electric fuel pump for remote fuel tanks
  • Remote fuel tank level monitoring
  • RS 232 data bus interface for control and monitoring of the generator functions
  • RF modem for remote control and monitoring of the generator functions
  • Real time clock

220V AC 1.8kW Generator


This open frame generator provides 1800 Watts of military 220V AC single phase power available at either the European conveniences outlets on the front of the control box or at three wire terminal studs within the side connection box. Based on our P/N: 95-531 2kW design, the P/N 100847-501 is factory outfitted with a number of accessories such as the enhanced air filter system and the anti-wet stacking kit. The unit can be electrically started with a user supplied 12V DC power source (battery).

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Specifications Overview

  • Analog voltage, load and frequency meters
  • Engine hour meter
  • LED fault indicators
  • Full rated power 2000 Watts at sea level to 4000ft, derated to 8000ft
  • Operating temperature 23°F to 122°F
  • Fuels DL-1, DL-2, JP-8
  • Electric fuel pump capable of 72 inch lift
  • Fuel shut–off solenoid
  • High engine oil temperature sensor
  • Low oil pressure switch