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    • John Dewey, Chief Executive Officer

      John Dewey started his career designing tactical phone systems and doing software consulting. After a 10-year period working in the commercial world, he returned to lead the Dewey Electronics Corporation in its pursuit of design and development.

      John's responsibility is to stay focused on the future. When given the opportunity to get involved in a product's development, it can cause distress for the engineering and manufacturing departments.

    • Edward L. Proskey - Senior Vice President

      Walking around the building you will see Ed Proskey in charge of operations, with direct day-to-day management of quality, purchasing, inspection, and facilities. Many government customers know Ed in his past role as Vice President of Operations with First Article for the 2kW and as Production Manager under the torpedo contracts. Ed keeps his eye on structures and details to keep engineering and manufacturing on target.

      When not at work Ed can be found outdoors with his new camera.