Power Distribution

Dewey’s power management designed hybrid power generation systems save the user fuel (30%-90% less fuel), reduce maintenance cycles from 50% to 87%, and extend the system life by as much as 400%.


Power Management

Power Management technologies improve the performance of small self-contained power systems on a trailer, on a vehicle, in a small camp site, or at Forward Operating Base (FOB). Dewey’s Power Management technologies include fuel efficient generator controllers, efficient power conversion components, intelligent power distribution, load management, and microgrid systems.

Features such as auto start, AC motor soft start, DC current limiting, remote digital monitoring and control, power conversion, and load optimization are incorporated in our system approach to power management. Integrated digital power conversion controls and advanced digital diesel power generation controllers have been developed and fielded by Dewey. Power distribution and load management are considered to keep the generator running in its “sweet spot” to provide optimum fuel efficiency.

Dewey’s engineering staff offers our customers a “one stop” center of excellence to review your power system needs. We provide a complete review from power source to loads. Our engineers will specify the generation requirements, power management needs, power distribution, and load management techniques for a complete power system. We can provide a specification, engineering drawings, hardware, firmware, and integration support.

Our Power Management Systems Capabilities:

  • Autonomous power generation system controllers
  • DC backbone hybrid generation systems
  • Duty cycled load excitation
  • Efficient power conversion DC/AC and DC/DC
  • Grid-tie inverters
  • Hybrid power systems
  • Integration of alternative and renewable energy sources
  • Load Demand – cycling generators on & off to satisfy peak demands
  • Micro-controller based controllers
  • Micro-grid technologies
  • Peak Loads – support from batteries for short periods
  • Properly sized generators for load needs
  • Silent watch implementations with real time clocks
  • Simplified user interface
  • Standard and solid state circuit breaker applications

Dewey Electronics applies power management techniques to our generator designs. We have implemented features like auto start and auto shut down within our generator controllers. This allows our generators to be tied in a microgrid and controlled to support peak demands or turned off when load demands decrease.

In a single generator or hybrid system, power management is used to cycle the generator on and off when power from the generator is needed. We also have the ability to implement a real time clock to allow the generator to be turned on at a set time and shut down for silent watch or evening for personnel rest.

Controlling current (current limiting and soft starts) is another power management feature that can be implemented into our controllers. Current limiting allows smaller DC generators to provide the proper voltage and a constant limited high current to charge batteries that are drawing heavy short bursts of current upon initial charging. Soft starting is used in AC generators to allow compressors, pumps, and motor controllers to be safely started by not having to oversize the generator to provide the starting current demanded by these devices.