Power Generation

Dewey is the leader in compact portable diesel power generation for military applications. We have fielded over 17,000 2kW Military Tactical Generators since 1996. Reliability and ease of maintenance are engineered into all of our diesel generators and auxiliary power units.

Portable generators are units designed to be lifted into place by hand without the aid of machine power. They are typically configured in an open frame to allow easy access to lift points.

Dewey has extensive experience and expertise as an integrator of power generation components into other systems. We have an established track record of providing our customers with support and customized solutions to voltage regulation, current limiting, battery charging, and motor in-rush current problems. This expertise translates into more compact and efficient power generation as well as improved power stability, contributing to higher reliability for the total system.

Let Dewey review your power generation needs. We will analyze the load utilization and specify the properly sized generator for your application. If you are charging batteries, use a DC generator and eliminate the need for a battery charger running off an AC generator to simplify your system design. Implement fuel saving auto-starting controllers to your generator’s control system, and other suggestions from our technical staff will aid you in defining the optimum power generation system.

Design and Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Open Frame Portable Generators
  • Enclosed Compact Generators
  • Auxiliary Power Units for Vehicles/Trailers/Containers
  • Battery Charging Generators
  • Custom designs for your applications

Our product line ranges from 2kW to 10kW military rated power generation. Whether open framed or custom enclosed, Dewey provides the solution for your compact, small power generation needs.

Dewey is not an off-the-shelf solution with a one-size-fits-all approach to power generation. We engineer each and every application of our generators making sure that they are the exact generator that will provide the power you need. We first understand what you are powering and how the power is being used; then we advise you as to the generator that best provides the features and functions that you need. We won’t deliver a generator and leave you wondering how to incorporate the hardware with your system. Dewey will help you integrate our generator solution into your power system.

The Dewey designed generators are based upon the principles of simple to operate, easy to maintain, high reliability, and availability of quality power when needed. We base our generators on the Yanmar line of air-cooled diesel engines that operate on heavy fuels (Diesel, JP-8, and JP-5). Our controls are intuitive to operate and simple to understand. The power generating and regulating equipment is selected for the power needs of the system they are supporting.

Open frame, air-cooled engine equipped generators by their very nature are loud when it comes to sound requirements. Dewey has designed custom enclosures to reduce the sound levels and provide a noise level equivalent to the Quiet Tactical Levels required in some military applications.

As your power needs increase, air-cooled engines may not be the power train that you need for applications above 5kW. Dewey will review the horsepower requirements needed for applications above 5kW and select the best available liquid-cooled engine for the power source to base our design upon. We have selected engines from numerous manufacturers all with the basic requirements that they be reliable, support the military fuel requirements, and provide the power needed for the specific application we are designing the generator to operate in.

Dewey has the facilities to manufacture, assemble, and test the generators we design. Our factory has the capacity to manufacture hundreds of generators per month. Automated test facilities ensure that all of our generators are tested to the proper requirements and will meet the applications for which they were designed.

We have a dedicated prototype assembly area to initiate small quantity assembly of new designs. This facility allows engineering and assembly technicians to craft new designs and customize existing designs for new applications.