Power Products

Dewey Electronics manufactures the Department of Defense PM-Mobile Electric Power’s standard 2kW portable generators to our armed forces!

Dewey is the leader in the design and manufacture of compact diesel power for military applications. Our broad product offerings are characterized by high reliability, simplicity of use, and durability in austere environments.

Power Products

Our power products are as follows:

2kW Military Tactical Generators

Man-Portable Generators

Hybrid Power Generation Systems

Vehicle Auxiliary Power Units

Custom Solutions

Generator Accessories


2kW Military Tactical Generators


Since 1996 Dewey has been supplying the Department of Defense Program Manager- Mobile Electric Power (PM-MEP) with the 2kW Military Tactical Generator (MTG). The MEP-501A and MEP-531A MTG are heavy fuel (diesel, JP-8) generators that are the standard man-portable small power generators with a full logistic support package. Learn more >


Man-Portable Generators

Portable generators are the units designed to be lifted into place by hand without the aid of machine power. They are typically configured in an open frame to allow easy access to lift points.

Since 1996 Dewey Electronics has been manufacturing and supplying the 2kW Military Tactical Generator to the Department of Defense PM-Mobile Electric Power (PM-MEP). We have fielded over 17,000 Military Tactical Generators (MTGs) in an open frame configuration. Learn more >

220V 60Hz 1.8kw Generator

Our newest man-portable generator provides 1800 Watts of 220V AC power. This man-portable open frame generator is lightweight and reliable. Learn more >

28V DC Current Limiting 2kW Generator

This generator features a digital controller with auto start/stop, battery monitoring/charging, current limiting, and other features in a man-portable open frame configuration. Learn more >

Hybrid Power Generation Systems

Our hybrid generators are designed to charge and monitor batteries, and when equipped with our auto-start and shut down controls, conserve fossil fuel and can be integrated with other alternative and renewable energy sources. These generators come in either open frame or enclosed configurations and are suitable for trailer or vehicle mounting.

Battery Charging Auxiliary Power Unit (BAPU) 28V DC

Originally designed to charge batteries, this open frame 28V DC generator is available in two power sizes: 3.5kW and 4.5kW. Learn more >

4.5kW 28V DC Hybrid Power Generation System

This system combines the generating power of diesel with the energy storage of AGM or Li-Ion batteries and can integrate renewable energy sources such as solar or wind to produce a hybrid power system that provides scalable power outputs saving 30%-70% of fossil fuel when compared to standard diesel generators of comparable output size. Learn more

2kW 28V DC Enclosed Hybrid Generator

The enclosed 2kW 28V DC generator features auto start and shut down, battery charging and battery monitoring functions, and is enclosed for trailer mounting. Learn more

Vehicle Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) are designed to supply additional power to either the vehicle power system or to export power off vehicle. Dewey has designed APUs that are fuel efficient and easy to install.

Enclosed Vehicle Power System (EVPS) 28V DC 4.5kW

This 4.5kW APU is capable of being mounted on any of three axes. It provides vehicles with 28VDC power for battery charging and subsystem power. Learn more >

5kW 230V AC APU

Designed to mount on top of a 2000-gallon ISO containerized remote fueling station, this APU is electrically started to power the fuel pump for USMC vehicle refueling.Learn more >

5kW 28V DC APU

The 5kW 28V DC Generator, Model MEP-952B, has been added to our APU line. Please go the the Product Info & Resources page for more information.

Custom Solutions

Our customers have applications that cannot be addressed with our standard prodcuts. It could be a mounting requirement, output power need, or a complete new design that requires a novel approach to power generation. Dewey's past performance makes us the company to "go to" if your needs require customization.

External Auxiliary Power Unit (EAPU) 28V DC 3kW

The EAPU was custom designed for the USMC as a direct replacement (but with more power: 3kW) for the External Auxiliary Power Unit on the M1A1 tank. The Dewey EAPU is an example of our custom solutions. Learn more >

Skid Mounted

Satisfying a rapid need for a custom design, Dewey provided HDT with this specialized generator. Learn more >

Battery Skid and Generator

Designed for a major prime defense manufacturer, this custom unit contains a 24V battery within a battery skid, and our standard 2kW 28V DC current-limiting generator system for an application-specific requirement.  Learn more >

Power Product Accessories

Dewey Electronics has developed generator accessories that make our generators more versatile and capable for our end-users. Learn more >