Power System Engineering


Our engineers analyze your power needs and design the system that provides power in the most fuel efficient way. Whether your power needs are on a vehicle (Auxiliary Power Unit), based on a trailer (enclosed generator), containerized (micro-grid or mobile power generation), or compact and portable (open frame generators), Dewey’s engineering team has your solution.

Dewey Electronics has over fifteen years of engineering experience in generating power on the battlefield. During this time we have expanded our expertise from power generation into areas of power distribution and energy storage.

Today Dewey provides power generation systems that interface with energy storage devices (batteries of all types of chemistries) and power distribution systems, whether for trailer based equipment, a military vehicle’s power systems, or stand-alone energy storage/microgrids for land based use. We provide the control systems that can interface with your equipment to provide power, power distribution, or energy storage as needed.

If your concern is saving or reducing your fossil fuel use, Dewey has the solution. We have developed hybrid power generation systems that reduce fuel use by 30% before system optimization. We will analyze your system’s power usage and develop a power budget that supports your operational needs. Our engineers will then design the control system that provides power when needed, stores energy as required, and operates with or without generator support as load demand rises and falls.

Our engineering team has developed power system solutions that have incorporated the following features within the control system:

  • Auto starting and stopping of generators
  • Current limiting
  • Remote monitoring of generators and power systems
  • Battery monitoring by voltage and state of charge
  • Real time clock control of power generation

As power generation evolves to utilize more alternative and renewable energies, so has Dewey’s involvement in these energy systems. Our engineers have:

  • Developed control systems for reformer-based fuel cell power generation systems
  • Integrated solar and wind generated power into our Hybrid Power Systems
  • Integrated energy storage technologies in our generation systems
  • Supported microgrid development with controls and energy storage solutions

Bring your power requirements to Dewey, and let our engineers review them and see how we can provide more reliable power with less fuel and greater energy storage for your system no matter how small or how large. We can provide a 2kW portable military generator, trailer mounted power systems with energy storage, hybrid power generating systems, vehicle APUs, containerized energy storage systems, and containerized microgrids to interface with your existing power system or to stand alone.


  • Alternative Energy Integration
  • Auto Start and Stop Kits
  • Battery Charging
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Current Limiting
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Storage
  • Hybrid Power Systems
  • Load Analysis
  • Load Monitoring
  • Microgrid Technologies
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Power Management
  • Soft Start Controls
  • Renewable Energy Sources Integration

Power Generation

Dewey Electronics designs and manufactures compact, portable, diesel powered generators for military applications. Our engineering team factors military requirements, battlefield experience, and manufacturing know-how into all of our products. Learn more

Power Management and Distribution

Dewey integrates power management and distribution technologies into our products and systems. We also offer engineering services to design and specify complete power systems. Learn more

Energy Storage/Management

Dewey provides best in class battery monitoring and charging capabilities that are incorporated in our hybrid generators. Dewey can provide battery chemistry selection choices to the user resulting in the most efficient battery solution for the system application. We can even help design the power system when load use and system power profiles are ambiguous. We integrate renewable and sustainable energy sources into your power system resulting in significant fossil fuel saving. Learn more