Dewey Services

Dewey Electronics is striving to be the "go-to" company for the design, development, manufacturing, and testing of diesel power products for military and related applications.

Pgoto Grid

Power Systems Engineering

Let Dewey design your power system! Our technical team can specify and supply all aspects of power generation, power management, power distribution, energy storage, and energy management for systems that are small, portable, transportable, trailer mounted, vehicle mounted, self-contained, or stationary. If your system is powered by electricity and the generation source runs on a heavy fuel (diesel, JP-8, etc.) that will be used in a military environment, then you should be powered by Dewey! Learn more

Engineering and Development

Dewey’s engineering and development resources provide control systems for our products, rapid prototyping development for our customers, and seamless transition into production for our end users. Learn more


The Dewey Electronics Corporation is an electrical-mechanical systems integrator that can provide the experienced assemblers, technicians, and quality personnel to execute your contract manufacturing needs. Learn more


We are experienced in the machining of unique and hard-to-machine materials such as nickel-aluminum-bronze alloy, plastic composites, and more. Learn more